Reading Coach

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Roselli

Reading Coach


This is my 26th year of teaching and I still LOVE the challenge and excitement of working with learners. I love to teach no matter the age of the student!

I live in Westfield with my husband and two daughters, Cristina (age 16) and Sophia (age12). We have a guinea pig named Chocolate Chip. I love to read, look at art, walk, listen to music and learn new things. Recently, I tried learning to juggle. I will need more practice! My favorite color is green. I can’t eat chocolate (gives me migraines), love Italian food, nuts of all kinds and visiting with my big Italian family.

This year I am the building K-5 Reading Coach for both Franklin Avenue and Russell Elementary schools. Between the two schools, I have 440 students, 2 principals, 22 classroom teachers, 1 reading specialist and 3 literacy assistants with whom I work. What does a reading coach do? Well… we do diagnostic testing on students who need more “figuring out”, model lessons for teachers and students, create materials to target certain reading skills, run in house data meetings where teachers analyze the test scores of their classes to make adjustments in teaching or programming, conduct classroom and individual student observations to gain a separate perspective on how a student is progressing or intaking instruction, meet with parents/guardians to work on plans for improving reading skills in the home environment(just call me!), attend IEP meetings to assist the team in interpreting reading test scores and translating the results for parents/guardians, attend trainings for core and intervention reading programs and assist teachers in implementing those programs.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to leave me a message at school Franklin Avenue 572-6424,Russell Elementary 642-7130 or email (I check my email every day).

My message for the year is communication, communication, communication. It is important to me that families feel comfortable to connect with teachers and coaches about their most precious treasure in the world. Please consider contacting me if you would like a conference to discuss any element of literacy and your child’s journey.

Below are some articles that I would like to share with you.