Welcome to Technology

Mrs. Tudryn

I am new to the Franklin Ave school community, and I am so excited to be here! I will see your students weekly, and together we will explore the many ways we can use technology to be their voice in the world. They will learn to be good digital citizens, how to use different programs and choose which one is best for the purpose. They will also learn to type using different devices and keyboards, and develop an understanding of coding and how computers think. 

The most important lesson for my class is letting your child find ways to explore problems and solutions and present information in ways that excite them. I believe every child wants to learn, and we can equip them with the best tools possible to explore and participate in the world as learners if they can use technology as part of their toolkit.

We will be sending home letters regarding headphones soon; if your student has headphones at home, please have them bring them in to school with their name on them. Headphones can be purchased in a variety of places; I have found the ones at FiveBelow to work well if you are concerned about the cost. 

Thank you for entrusting your children to us; it is a joy and an honor to watch them learn.