Ms. Pandolfi

 Pandolfi Welcome Fifth Grade  

Welcome friends and families! My name is Ms. Pandolfi and I am the fifth grade teacher here at Franklin Avenue! I believe fifth grade is a pivotal year for our learners. This is a time of transitioning and learning how to become independent role models. My expectations include respect both in and outside of the classroom, completing your work on time, and making sure you come to school prepared and ready to start your day! I believe that every child learns differently, and I intend on respecting each and every one of those differences! Thank you to all of the families for everything you do for our learners every day, without you our job wouldn't be possible!


What to Expect in Fifth Grade:


Students will be learning about expository, narrative, and persuasive pieces of literature. Here is a timeline of the various topics we will cover in fifth grade! 
Month One: Amusement Parks
Month Two: It's Magic
Month Three: The Amazing Human Body
Month Four: Giving and Receiving
Month Five: Wild Weather
Month Six: Writing Test Preparation
Month Seven: Earth and Space
Month Eight: Transportation
Month Nine: Oceans

Graphic organizers may help support our learners!



This year in fifth grade students will have the opportunity to enhance their skills in the area of open responses, short answer questions, and locating key information in multi step problems. 

When entering fifth grade, the expectation is that students know their basic multiplication facts up to 12. If you have noticed your that your mathematician does not have this fluency, please be sure to have them practice their facts as often as possible!

Here are some websites to best support your child through their learning:

FYI: Students will continue to use the Envisions program to reach fifth grade standards. I also enjoy incorporating small group center activities, and table top explorations. It is important that your child come prepared to fifth grade with a 
dry erase white board marker

Homework Requirement: Students will receive nightly math homework. They will be required to return it to school the next day. Unless students have a test the next day, I expect that they use the night before to study for that test. 

Literacy Block

Students will continue to use the Reading Street Program in order to reach fifth grade standards. During this block, students will be able to work with peers and receive small group individualize instruction. It is my goal that I differentiate all lessons to meet the needs of each individual student! 

Expected Nightly Assignments: 
Students will also receive a weekly reading log. This log will provide learners the opportunity to improve their fluency. Students should read 30 minutes every night, and respond on their reading log. This reading log will be due on Friday of each week!

Thank you for coming to visit my fifth grade website! I hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of what fifth grade will look and sound like! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me: