Mrs. Neuser


Mrs. Neuser

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Hi! My name is Julie Neuser.  I am so blessed to teach 3rd grade at Franklin Avenue School!

I live in Westfield with my husband and my three children. We have a dog, named Sampson, that we rescued. Jogging and reading are my favorite hobbies.

I have high expectations for all of my students. In third grade some exciting things we will learn are cursive and multiplication. I am excited to spend a whole year with you and your family.

Math- Please have your child do ST MATH and flashcards at home. 
As we continue to practice multiplication in centers, we will be learning division as the inverse operation of multiplication. Knowing the multiplication facts fluently will be a great help in this. 

Reading- We are beginning our third unit in our Reading Street series after the break. Please ask them about the stories we are reading. 
Our unit theme is "How do people and nature interact?"

Homework-  Homework is assigned for Monday-Thursday. It is usually math review. 

Please remember to ask your child, "What was your fabulous struggle today?"


My personal message:

The more you read, the more you succeed!