Mrs. Bard


Mrs. Bard

I have always wanted to be a teacher and always played school with my friends as a little girl. I was inspired by a very dear friend to go to college to reach my dream. It was the best decision I have ever made. Teaching first grade is a rewarding experience because I watch the children grow into readers and writers! First grade is an amazing year filled with new discovers and endless learning! I live in Westfield with my amazing family. We love to go camping and we vacationed at Cape Cod. My children love to be outside and we spend hours together swimming and going to parks! My daughter Taylor loves to play soccer and loves to make slime.  My son Cody loves to play hockey and is a Bruins fan!  I have many interests and a passion for me is scrapbooking. I am always taking pictures of my children and family and have countless albums filled with unforgettable memories. Also, I love to read and trade books with my teacher friends, we can’t wait to share new and exciting books.

My personal message as a teacher of young energetic first graders, I try to make learning fun and interesting. We go outside for learning as often as we can! I try to find something for everyone to enjoy and build on my students interests!

Play Teach Your Monster to Read at Home!
Here is the class link!

Math is so much fun!
  Here are our topics for Math!

Math Topics for First Grade
Topic 1: Understanding Addition
Topic 2:  Understanding Subtraction
Topic 3: Five ans Ten Relationships
Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12
Topic 5: Addition Facts to 20
Topic 6 Subtraction Facts to 20
Topic 7: Counting and Number Patterns to 120
Topic 8: Tens and Ones
Topic 9: Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100
Topic 10: Adding with Tens and Ones
Topic 11 Subtracting with Tens and Ones
Topic 12: Length
Topic 13: Time
Topic 14: Using Data to Answer Questions
Special topic: Money
Topic 15: Geometry
Topic 16: Fractions of Shapes

Check out these math websites!

Our Reading Program!!!!!!

We have four centers in our classroom!

Teacher Table

Phonics Center

Fluency Center

Writing Center
Reading 2013 Common Core Student Editon Grade 1.R      

Here is a fun and exciting website to practice
 spelling words!

My Favorite Authors

Jan Brett



Diane DeGroat


Room 4 first Graders
 love Gilbert stories!


Reading strategies for first graders!


Science Curriculum

Observations of the sun, moon and star  

Seasonal patterns

Plant and animal life cycle 


Light interactions

Sound and vibrations

Social Studies Curriculum

Rural, suburban and urban communities
Community--roles and responsibilities
Representations of the Earth
Identify own street address, town, state and country
Cultural differences
Prominent United States historical figures

This is our HEART Board.  We keep our hearts that we earn in our cup!  
We love to show Heart Behavior!

heart 2

We send Many thanks to Mrs. Hatton for being a volunteer in our classroom.  Mrs. Hatton joins us on Friday mornings to read with our students!
Mrs Hatton